Angelis Awfil Restaurant In Naperville 2022 – Best Restaurant

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Is Angeli's catering any good?

I have used Angeli's catering twice. Excellent pasta and beef sandwiches were good too. Lots of food. Great people. Tony:Tony are our friends. Been eating at Angeli's since they opened.

Why choose Angeli’s?

You can always count on Angeli’s to make you look good and taste great! We can help with the event or simply provide the cuisine. Customized menus are available, let us know what you need.

Is there a mask policy at Angeli’s?

None of the staff or manager was wearing a mask and as a result many of the patrons walking through or entering the place were not wearing a mask. Helpful? Angeli’s has a large menu filled Italian classics and there are nightly specials that allow the chef to be a little more daring. I had the seafood in a white wine sauce over angel hair pasta.


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