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What is Berghoff Restaurant?

---The Berghoff Restaurant is a Chicago landmark, serving German-style cuisine and culture since 1898. One of the oldest family-run businesses in the nation, now run by fourth generation, Pete Berghoff.

What happened to Chicago's Berghoff?

The family owned restaurant says this is just a temporary closure. The decision made Monday based on very little foot traffic in the Loop. The Berghoff restaurant is a Chicago landmark, home of the city's first liquor license and one of the oldest family-run establishments in the nation.

Who brews Berghoff root beer?

The Berghoff Family as they began brewing Berghoff Beer and Berghoff Root Beer, which is now famous in the historic Chicago Loop restaurant, The Berghoff. A historic photo of The Berghoff Restaurant on West Adams Street in downtown Chicago when it first opened.

What is the ambiance like at the Berghoff Chicago Loop?

The ambiance is much like The Berghoff Chicago Loop location, with beautiful Tiffany stained glass and wood trim. The Berghoff Cafe at O’Hare serves The Berghoff’s ever-popular hot carved sandwiches, Rueben’s, sauerkraut, and more. All of our bread is baked from scratch daily at our bakery located within The Berghoff Restaurant in downtown Chicago.

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