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Where is Murray Bros CaddyShack restaurant?

Murray Bros. Caddyshack Restaurant opened on Tuesday in Rosemont with visits from all the Murray brothers.

Who designed Andy Murray’s new restaurant in Chicago?

Head honcho Andy Murray received input from brothers Bill, Ed, Joel, Johnny, and Brian-Doyle on the restaurant which was designed by an Atlanta-based firm, Z-Space Design. The company worked on Chicago restaurants including The Pump Room, Ed Debevic’s, and another restaurant named for a celebrity — Michael Jordan’s Steak House.

Where does Bill Murray eat in Charleston?

Husk is known for its classic Southern cooking. They focus on fresh seafood with added low country flair, and that is what Bill Murray loves to eat. Husk keeps it simple, but presents it in an upscale way, making it one of the most well-renowned restaurants in Charleston.

What can you expect at the Murray’s restaurant?

You’ll be sure to see and feel the Murray brothers' love of golf and movies throughout the restaurant and can immerse yourself in a sports event or two as flat screens are everywhere! So please join us and Eat, Drink and Be Murray!®

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