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Does Bob Evans have curbside pickup?

Bob Evans | Curbside Pickup And Delivery Available! Feed up to eight with family-sized meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Our pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie are now available! From the Crate to Your Plate. Discover the ingredients, the farmers, the community and the people growing America's Farm Fresh.

What is in a Bob Evans breakfast?

Enjoy farm-fresh scrambled eggs, home fries, fresh fruit, both bacon and sausage links mini buttermilk hotcakes, Bob Evans® sausage gravy, and a dozen freshly-baked biscuits. Complete with 96oz. of coffee and a gallon of Florida's Natural® orange juice. Serves 10 Why wait once a year when everyday is Thanksgiving in the Bob Evans Farmhouse Kitchen!

What does Bob Evans have on their grilled chicken sandwiches?

Grilled chicken, crispy bacon, hard boiled eggs, fresh-diced tomatoes and green onions on a bed of greens, topped with real blue cheese crumbles. Fresh greens topped with Homestyle fried or grilled chicken, corn, diced tomato, crisp green onions, cheddar cheese, tortilla strips and a drizzle of Bob Evans Wildfire® sauce.


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