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What happened to Alinea chef Grant Achatz?

Diagnosed with tongue cancer, top chef Grant Achatz turns to UChicago Medicine View an updated version of this story, including a video interview with Grant Achatz and his care team Chicago chef Grant Achatz was receiving rave reviews for his new restaurant, Alinea, in summer 2007.

Who is Grant Achatz?

The Famous 3 Michelin star Chef Grant Achatz, born on the 25 th of April year 1974, is an American chef and restaurateur, known as one of the leaders from molecular gastronomy or what we call the progressive cuisine. The restaurant in Chicago named Alinea won a lot of awards.

When did Grant Achatz appear on Chef's Table?

On May 27, 2016, Achatz appeared on season two of the Netflix series Chef’s Table. In 2018, Achatz appeared as a judge on the Netflix series The Final Table . In October 2008, Grant Achatz and co-author Nick Kokonas published Alinea, a hardcover coffee table book featuring more than 100 of the restaurant's recipes.

What is the only restaurant in Chicago with 3 Michelin stars?

Awards: only restaurant in Chicago with 3 Michelin Stars – J.B.Foundation Rising Star Chef of the Year Award – Best Restaurant in America, by Gourmet magazine. Address: Lincoln Park 1723 N. Halsted St. (bet.

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