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Where can I find good Greek food in Chicago?

1 Greek Islands. Greek Islands has been entertaining taste buds since 1971. ... 2 Cross-Rhodes. Cross-Rhodes is in downtown Evanston serving reasonable priced, tasty Greek fare. ... 3 Artopolis Bakery, Cafe & Agora. ... 4 Avli Restaurant & Rotisserie Winnetka. ... 5 Taxim Wicker Park. ...

Is this Birmingham's first Greek-owned restaurant?

George Cassimus (no relation to Zoe's in-laws) opened Fish Lunch House circa 1902, possibly Birmingham's first Greek-owned restaurant. But in the 114 years since, Greek-owned restaurants in Birmingham have had few menus limited to Greek food. Instead, they offered American classics, gradually adding dishes with oregano and olive oil to their menus.

Where to eat in the Greektown neighborhood in Atlanta?

Recommended for Greek because: Artopolis is a modern, casual cafe differentiating it among the longtime Greektown restaurants in the neighborhood. Jacky's expert tip: Visit the "Agora" (market) part of the space offering Greek olive oil, Kalamata olives, honeys, preserves, jams, coffees and teas.

Why are there so many Greek restaurants in the US?

Immigrants from Greece have opened many Greek restaurants in the U.S., some of which began due to new health codes during the early 20th century that limited or restricted food carts. Per the restrictions during this time, people opened Greek restaurants instead of operating food carts.

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