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Where can I buy Cuban food in Miami?

Love La Unica - the grocery store always has the Cuban import items we need and the restaurant is a hidden gem in back! They have Cuban, Mexican, Colombian, and Peruvian food specialities. Everyone who works at the store is a pleasure to chat with during every visit. I'm the biggest fan of their visual menu!!!

What to eat at La Cubana?

LA CUBANA KIDS! Nutella Cake … and not to talk about calories…just about enjoy live! 6.50 € La Cubana “french toast” with Baileys and cocunut icecream 7,00 € Welcome to the Crumble! apple crumble with vanilla icecream and popping candy 6.50 €

How do I make a reservation for Cuban food?

Call 708-456-6100 to make a reservation. Availability: Limited. Five available per week. First come first served. Availability: Unlimited. Does not expire. Makes a great gift. Cuban food is a great choice for catering.

How long does it take for cafe cubano to contact you?

We will contact you within 48 hours. This is my father's Cuba. It's it, the way he ate it. We hope you enjoy our family tradition. More about our story... Cafe Cubano 2020. All rights reserved.

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