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What to eat in Springfield MA?

The Student Prince Café and Fort Restaurant is a German-American restaurant in Springfield, Massachusetts. The restaurant has been in business since 1935, making it one of the oldest restaurants in town. The menu features a variety of German and American dishes, including schnitzel, sauerbraten, and burgers.

Does Mama's Southern Style BBQ take reservations?

Is Mama's Southern Style BBQ currently offering delivery or takeout? Yes, Mama's Southern Style BBQ offers takeout. What forms of payment are accepted? Mama's Southern Style BBQ accepts credit cards. How is Mama's Southern Style BBQ rated? Mama's Southern Style BBQ has 3.5 stars.

How much is a Cajun sandwich at Waynes Big Mamou?

Chef Waynes Big Mamou: Cajun on the Go 1 Cajun Shrimp Po'Boy $11.95 2 Cajun Steak & Cheese Sandwich $14.95 3 Cheeseburger No Fries $5.00 4 Cheeseburger single patty & Fries $7.95 5 Jazz Burger $11.95 6 Monster Burger (shrimp, bacon, cheese, double Patty) $14.95 7 Slider Trio (no fries) $10.95 8 Snack Pack: 1 Slider & Fries $5.95


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