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What is Marchetti’s?

Marchetti’s is an Italian restaurant located in the heart of Cranston’s Knightsville neighborhood. With a huge menu spanning the entire spectrum of Italian food and famously large portions, customers will not leave hungry.

Is Marcello’s closing father and son?

Father and Son’s thin-crust pizza. The Old Town location of Marcello’s Father and Son Restaurant, one of the 71-year-old pizza chain’s three locations, will close on Sunday night.

Is father and Son Pizza still in business in Chicago?

Father and Son, a Chicago pizza institution, still has locations in Logan Square and in suburban Northbrook. The chain, which had a location in Jefferson Park, carries a storied history.

When was Marcello’s opened in Chicago?

A Chicago Tradition Since 1947. Marcello’s is an Italian American restaurant founded in 1947 with locations in Northbrook and Logan Square. Serving the best at our house or yours for 70 years.

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