Pittypat’s Porch Restaurant In Chicago 2022 – Best Restaurant

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Is Pittypat's porch a good restaurant in Atlanta?

After expecting some "Southern graciousness" from someplace called Pittypat's Porch and billing itself as traditionally Southern, I was terribly disappointed. The food was way over-priced, even for downtown Atlanta, particularly since it was not very good nor were the portions large.

How much is the parking at Pittypat's porch?

Adjacent parking costs $15 for 1 1/2 hour. Would NOT recommend for lunch. Dismal experience considering our party came from out of state to specifically experience the original PittyPat's Porch.

What's on the menu at Aunt Pittypat's?

Dishes such as, Aunt Pittypat's Fried Chicken, 12 Oaks BBQ Ribs, Georgia Catfish, just to name a few. Our menu also includes delicious appetizers and tempting desserts made fresh in our bakery daily. We have a full bar, plus draft beer by local breweries and a Specialty Drink menu to wet your whistle.

What to eat at Pittypat?

Five delightful wings served with peach salsa. Even Yankees like these crispy, pan fried cakes served with a special "Southern Salsa" made with fresh tomatoes, onions and peaches. Farm raised Southern catfish, breaded with pecans, lightly fried, and ready to dip into Pittypat's tasty remoulade sauce.

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