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Is Rance's Chicago Pizza open in Costa Mesa?

From everyone here at Rance's Chicago Pizza Costa Mesa, we want to thank you for your continued support during this crucial time in the service industry. We as a company are doing everything we can to comply with all City, State, and CDC regulations. We are happy to announce that our dining room is now open!

Is Rance's pizza good?

I've been to the traditional Chicago style pizza places like Lou Malnati's and Giordano's, and Rance's just makes a different style pizza. Rance's pizza is just ok. I got the pan pizza and it's just ok. There isn't a lot of cheese or gravy/sauce, which you need for a Chicago style pizza.

What is Chicago style pizza in Orange County?

A Chicago style pizza needs to have a ton of cheese, sauce, doughy crust, and be super sloppy. This was like the King of France afraid to get his cape dirty type of pizza. If you want a really good traditional Chicago style pizza in Orange County, I suggest going to Tony's Pizza in Placentia.

Is Rance's the best place to get deep dish?

I think Rance's is the only place that has GOOD deep dish with the right balance of crust, cheese, and sauce. My sister and I did takeout, and it was really hard to resist opening the box in the car on the way home. The garlic bread smelled soooo good.

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