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Who is relay Restaurant Group?

Through their company, Relay Restaurant Group, Rachel and Seif own and operate three restaurants in Seattle—Joule, Revel, and Trove—as well as Portland’s Revelry. Just like their food, the restaurant spaces balance formality and tradition with energy and creativity.

What is Le Relais?

Situated in the historic airport terminal of Bowman Field, Le Relais offers a fine dining experience like no other in Louisville.

Are the 2022 club relays back?

The 2022 Illinois Club Relays are BACK! Illinois Club Relays is the largest and most competitive club-run track meet in the country. We welcome all collegiate club teams, community club teams, and unattached athletes to join us for what is always an exciting and season-defining meet.

How many relay teams can be on a team?

Only one relay team per school can score in each event. However, each team may enter as many relay teams as desired. Individual events are scored as two person relays, with the top two marks from each team counting towards the team score (except for the mile, in which case the top four marks are added together).


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