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What is the history of Springfield Airport?

described Springfield as a commercial airport, located 3.5 miles southwest of the town. The field was said to consist of a rectangular 2,500' x 2,600' sod landing area. A 1934 aerial view looking southwest (from the IL Digital Archive, courtesy of Mark Hess) depicted Southwest Airport as having 2 runways in an X-shape,

Where is the Springfield Lakeside Airport?

The site of Lakeside Airport is located southeast of the intersection of Horseshoe Lake Road & Route 111. Thanks to Chris Kennedy for pointing out this airfield. An 11/11/31 photo of the 1 st blimp to land at Springfield's Commercial Airport (from the IL Digital Archive ).

What are the major airports in Springfield IL?

Parks College Airport (revised 10/14/21) - Springfield Municipal Airport / Southwest Airport (revised 4/28/21) - WLS Airport (revised 10/28/17) Bosa Field / Springfield Airport / Conkling Field / Lindbergh Field, Springfield, IL

How do I contact the Springfield IL office of public relations?

Address: 800 East Monroe, Springfield, IL 62701 Phone: 217.789.2000 Fax: 217.789.2109 Email: [email protected] General Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


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