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Where is the Pump Room in Chicago?

The Pump Room was a restaurant established on October 1, 1938 by Ernie Byfield and closed in 2017. It was located in the Ambassador Chicago hotel, formerly The Ambassador East, on the northeast corner of State Parkway and Goethe Street in Chicago 's Gold Coast area.

Who owns the pump room hotel?

The Pump Room’s legacy runs deep since opening in 1938. It was a celebrity magnet drawing the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart. The hotel’s previous owner, Ian Schrager, purchased the hotel in 2010. He also owns The Pump Room name.

Does the pump room still have a phone in it?

After a substantial refurbishment, the Pump Room has been revived and renamed Booth One, complete with a rotary phone installed in its VIP booth. If a guest chooses, he or she could still use it while dining on beef Wellington and cheesecake—although, Melman says, diners usually prefer to use their cell phones.

What is the Pump Room in my Bodyguard?

The Pump Room appeared on film when the Ambassador East was a primary location for the 1980 film, My Bodyguard, starring Chris Makepeace, Matt Dillon, Ruth Gordon and Martin Mull. In the film, Mull plays the hotel manager who lives on-site with his son (Makepeace) and mother (Gordon).

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