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What to do with excess fruits and vegetables in Chicago?

Goodness Greens is an organic produce distributor that works in Chicago. They, too, decided to donate their excess fruits and vegetables to the same Greater Chicago Food Depository we were talking about earlier. The food will further reach those who live in low-income neighborhoods, as well local food pantries.

Which supermarkets donate the most money to charity?

The supermarket chains Giant Food Stores and Martin’s Food Markets donated both cash and food products to various charities in the states where they have their stores. For example, in 2010 they totaled $19.1 million, which was impressive. They did it thanks to their theme, ‘Living Here.

Which restaurants are donating 50% of sales to charity?

Around Town: Bravo Restaurants, which owns Gino’s East, Eduardo’s Enoteca, Gotham Bagels, and Ed Debevic’s, will be donating 50 percent of its total sales between Monday, March 7, and Wednesday, March 9, to four relief organizations: World Central Kitchen, Voices of Children, the International Rescue Committee, and CARE.

Should restaurants be protected from getting sued for donating food?

While restaurants nationwide are technically protected from getting sued should an issue arise, some say that the guidelines around donation procedures need to be more uniform to help assuage concerns and streamline the process.

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