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Why is Chicago famous for ribs?

Chicago's notoriety for ribs was given a boost in 1974 when, in an episode of the Korean War sitcom, M.A.S.H., Dr. Hawkeye Pierce got so fed up with Army food that he called a restaurant named Adam's Ribs in Chicago and placed an order to be delivered to his mobile hospital in South Korea labeled as medical supplies.

How many pounds of ribs does Hawkeye order in Hawkeye?

Hawkeye orders 40 pounds of ribs and a gallon of sauce, but he and Trapper find themselves at a loss as to how to have them delivered to the 4077th. After they try unsuccessfully to persuade Klinger to have one of his relatives ship the order, Trapper remembers a woman he once knew in Chicago.

Where to eat ribs on the north side of Chicago?

The St. Louis and baby back ribs are special at this North Side barbecue shack. Get there early enough before they run out. 13. Twin Anchors Restaurant & Tavern Another entry in the Chicago tavern ribs series, Twin Anchors continues to serve Lincoln Park customers and bathes its bones with a Kansas City-style sauce.

What does Hawkeye decide he wants most from a restaurant?

Hawkeye decides that what he wants most is barbecued spareribs. He remembers the delicious ribs he once had at a restaurant in Chicago but cannot recall its name, only that it was near the Dearborn Street train station.

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