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Why is ‘lost restaurants of Chicago’ so expensive?

The first printing of “Lost Restaurants of Chicago” reportedly sold out in the first few weeks. Strong demand triggered an Amazon algorithm that adjusted the price to $1,000. “I’m sure no one paid that much,” Borzo tells us, “but it was a sign of the popularity of the book.

What happened to Flo’s restaurant in Chicago?

“It was called Flo’s, right on Randolph near State, and it had a young gal on a trapeze swinging back and forth outside in front of the restaurant to attract people in.” Unfortunately, it went downhill from there. Borzo says the food was “mediocre.” Read the introduction to the book “Lost Restaurants of Chicago .”

What are Chicago’s best hidden restaurants?

A list of hidden restaurants MUST include Heaven on Seven. It’s tucked away on the 7th floor of an office building in the Loop, where it’s been for the last 37 years. It has no street presence at all, and you even have to check in with the building’s doorman at dinnertime (Th-Sun).

What is the name of the pub in Chicago?

Ye Olde Leather Bottle Pub / 7353 W. Grand Ave. Elmwood Park, IL. The Golden Ox / 1578-80 N. Clybourne Chicago, IL. (1921-199?) The Grubbery / 6327 W. Gunnison, Harwood Hts. IL. Fritzel's / 201 N. State St. Chicago, IL. Ditka's City Lights / 223 W. Otario Chicago, IL. The Spinnaker / Lombard, IL.

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