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What was it like to eat in Chinatown in the 1950s?

Through the 1950s, many Chinatown restaurants had a reputation for being dingy and cramped, but the introduction of lazy susan tables was the key element in a transformation toward refined and spacious restaurants. Chinese food wasn't as ubiquitous back then as it is today, and it wasn't necessarily that Chinese, either.

Is Chinatown a good neighborhood to live in Chicago?

Though Chinatown is a geographically small neighborhood, its dining scene packs a serious punch. Lucky for you, the best restaurants in Chinatown are clustered within blocks of the Cermak-Chinatown Red Line station, making it an easy (and delicious) neighborhood to explore by foot.

What happened to the Lazy Susan in Shanghai?

And just before President Nixon's historic 1972 visit, the first American commercial flight in decades landed in Shanghai, 23 years after Chairman Mao Zedong severed most of China's ties with the West. The plane’s crew was promptly treated to lunch—served on a Lazy Susan.

What are the best restaurants in Chinatown?

Arguably the most well-known restaurant in Chinatown, MingHin is a consistent and reliable source for dim sum and other well-executed dishes. Start the day off by enjoying shrimp dumplings, spare ribs, barbecue pork buns, and Macau-style crispy pork belly served with a bowl of dipping sugar.

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