Rozo Restaurant In Naperville Il 2022 – Best Restaurant

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Where's the best Italian food in Naperville?

Opened in 1993 by brothers Mike and Paul, Traverso’s is a family-owned neighborhood restaurant with some of the best authentic Italian food in Naperville.

Why choose Rozu dining?

At Rozu dining is an high vibe sociable experience. Offering different dining styles to suit the occasion whether it be bottomless brunch, relaxed family dinner or a large celebration we have a menu to suit. Serving lunch & dinner

Are the prices at Traverso's Italian restaurant in Naperville good?

Prices are ok, but some items are a bit overpriced. Traverso's is the best Italian restaurant in a 25 mile radius located in south Naperville. This restaurant has a great upscale atmosphere, fantastic ultra thin crust pizza and some of the best Italian dishes you'll ever have. From their appetizers to their meals the portions are huge.

How often do you visit the Naperville Fogo de Chão?

We usually visit the Naperville location 2 to 3 times per month. Best fogo de chão location in the world. Helpful? My family picked this location for my Mother’s 70th birthday and a party of 10. The manager was great and our server for the night was excellent.


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