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Are you searching for the angry chicken restaurant in aurora co 2023? Get everything you need to know about the angry chicken restaurant in aurora co using the resource given below.

Where is angry chicken located?

map marker pin1930 S Havana St #13, Aurora , CO 80014 About usWe Love Chicken!!! Angry Chicken was born in December of 2017. We are a unique brand of fried chicken.

What is the difference between Angry Chicken and rice chicken?

The restaurant in Korea was originally named Ssal Chicken; "ssal" is the Korean word for rice. Rice Chicken should just be the name outside where you can still see the Bar and Grill sign. Angry Chicken sign is difficult to see. "Original Chicken" is breaded with rice flour and is advertised as Gluten-free.

Is Korean fried chicken popular in Denver?

Korean fried chicken, which can be spicy or sweet depending on the sauces, has become hugely popular in Denver over the past few years as national chains like bb. q Chicken and Bonchon, which is also based in South Korea, have moved in.


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