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What is the Laila Ali lifestyle?

What is the Laila Ali Lifestyle? Laila Ali Lifestyle is all about empowering a stronger you by replenishing your health, mindset, and purpose so you can fulfill your legacy and become the best version of you. Thrive at home, work, and play.

Why choose Laila restaurant?

A visit to Laila Restaurant and you will feel like you were taken on a magic carpet to a beautiful, atmosphere with the best Mediterranean food you have ever had in your life. Everything is fresh and made to order.

How do I get rewards from Laila Ali?

Get replenished with healthy products for you and your family created by Laila Ali. Visit my Shop and click the “Rewards” button in the lower right corner to get started. Food is meant to be shared, savored and enjoyed. Don’t deprive yourself by eliminating the goodness of foods you love.

What are Your Favorite Things to eat at Laila?

My go to favorites are Laila salad, chicken chops, spicy kabab and the muhamara dip. Meats are perfectly seasoned and cooked well. Their garlic dip is a must have with your grilled meats. Always friendly and attentive service.

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